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The Primal Wound: Separation Trauma IS Trauma…At Any Age
July 17th, 2018

As a society we are rightly outraged by the separation of immigrant parents and children. That these children will suffer emotional wounds due to this separation, amidst such chaotic circumstances, is collectively, instinctively assumed. But where is the outrage—or even a drip of compassion—over the separation of mothers and babies in the case of adoption? […]

The Reunion with my Birthmother
July 5th, 2018

  This article was published in the adoption magazine Roots & Wings in 1993 about my adoption reunion with my birthmother. (I know, “adoption reunion” is an oddly over-descriptive term to use in an article in an adoption series. Blame the tyranny of SEO!) In the spirit of truth and authenticity, I’m reissuing this cache of 90s articles […]

Adoption Slogans or Honest Talk About Adoption?
June 27th, 2018

Of all the articles I wrote about adoption, this remained one of my favorites. In a short piece it touches upon many essentials related to adoption’s psychological issues. It was published in the California Association of Social Workers quarterly publication. The impetus for this piece was a cover article in the L.A. Times Sunday Magazine about […]

Adoption Issues & Me: It Began 25 Years Ago
June 20th, 2018

Adoption is cool again. Talking about adoption, I mean. Adoption issues. And writing about adoption issues. Speaking the truth about adoption. So in this, the 25th anniversary of my baptism into the world of adoption reform, I’m circling back to do it again in this new century. The most interesting part of it now, at least for […]

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