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Digital Dependence: Our Ridiculous Addiction?
October 18th, 2017

This whole issue of how entranced and attached we are to our smartphones — and to the social media they link us to — is soooo challenging and touchy, isn’t it? I think because at some level we suspect that, even though the technology that has put them in our hands is extraordinarily brilliant, far from being […]

Talking to Children About Tragedy
October 3rd, 2017

It seems parents are confronted with increasing regularity with this question in the wake of unspeakable tragedy: How do I tell my child about this? Do we follow our natural instinct to protect them, and say as little as possible, couching what we do say in bubble-wrapped terms? Is that the way to help a […]

Digital Mastery: Parents, You Have the Power!
August 30th, 2017

My main concern in this exploration is the effect of digital dependence upon our social intelligence. You see, fostering robust development of the brain circuitry responsible for social intelligence is a key focus of Parenting for Peace. Self-regulation and inner mastery are key themes in this endeavor of raising a generation of peacemakers. From where we sit […]

Digital Dependence: Is the Smartphone Generation Ruined?
August 9th, 2017

Today I’m spotlighting an essential article about the current smartphone generation in the September issue of The Atlantic: “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” The author* is Jean Twenge, a psychologist who studies generational characteristics and the influences that have created significant differences between generations. [*I forgive her the doomsday title, since she most likely didn’t write it; usually it’s […]

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