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Sheltering Childhood Nurtures Your Child
January 29th, 2015

(Part 4 in my 5-part series at I truly don’t mean to complicate your life in this already-over-complicated era by introducing a new condition, “TMTS.” And I feel VERY deeply for parents who are raising young ones today, when all of this is SO much more challenging!    

How Boredom Builds Brains… and Screens Can Drain Brains!
January 28th, 2015

(Part 3 of my 5-part series at I’m not talking about the deep, serious kind of boredom associated with neglect, poverty and anguish. I’m talking about that “I’m not being distracted / entertained / stimulated at this very instant and I don’t know what to do with myself” kind that I fear is becoming more […]

Brain-Wise Parenting: The Importance of Relationship & Rhythm
January 27th, 2015

(Part 2 of my 5-part series at Yesterday I invited parents to relax about pushing academics for their wee ones, because their best preparation for true intelligence is play. But there is a very important area of your young child’s brain that does need active parental participation for optimally healthy development. It’s called the orbito-frontal […]

The Importance of Play, Puttering & Pretending
January 26th, 2015

I’m pleased to have been invited for a 5-day guest blog spot at, which begins today and runs all this week. Dr. Greene is a pediatrician whose focus is children’s health in a progressive way. So I’m chiming in with 5 new articles all centered around ways to foster children’s optimal lifelong wellbeing. And […]

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