Bruce Lipton raves about Marcy Axness

Raves from Dr. Marcy’s Clients

 Lawders' rave

Things are going really well. I found something so profound in the guided imagery you did with us, that I feel my parenting has been transformed. ~ Shannon Branham, mother of two daughters

I’ve read all the books on adoption, and I’ve got a few adoptive mom acquaintances, but you are the only one who I feel is qualified. I want the adoptee’s opinion. ~ Lucy Lafitte, adoptive parent

Raves About Parenting for Peace

Peggy O'Mara raves about Marcy Axness

Parenting for Peace is the ultimate thinking person’s guide to nurturing a compassionate child from conception through adolescence. ~ Scott Blum, author, Waiting for Autumn and Winter Moon Rises

I applaud Marcy for calling attention to the importance of protecting the sanctity of the embryonic universe. World peace will only ensue from womb peace. ~ Thomas R. Verny MD, author, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child

Gabor Mate raves about Marcy Axness

Marcy Axness’ book has a beautiful message supported by sophisticated understanding of the underlying science. I have borrowed her remarkable translations of findings from our NIH-funded projects in my own lectures. ~ Curt Sandman, fetal brain development researcher

Passionate and intelligent yet also profoundly simple, Parenting for Peace provides parents with the tools and support they need to create peace and participation in their families, their communities and the world. Highly recommended. ~ Sarah J. Buckley, MD, author, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: A Doctor’s Guide to Natural Childbirth

A significant aggregate of knowledge and wisdom woven into a very understandable story. It is well organized and clear, and could be considered “A Manifesto for Humanity,” rather than a parenting book. ~ Patrick Houser, author of Fathers-To-Be Handbook

Raves from Dr. Marcy’s Colleagues

Joseph Chilton Pearce raves about Marcy Axness

Marcy Axness comes from a place that allows her a special kind of understanding of the psycho-social development of children. Solidly grounded in the literature, she takes a novel perspective on why we behave the way we do, why we turn out the way we do. And she is a parent. Who could want for more in a parenting counselor and educator?  ~ Michael Trout, M.A., Director, Infant-Parent Institute, Champaign, Ill.

Jay Gordon raves about Marcy Axness

Raves from Dr. Marcy’s Event Attendees & Organizers

Always so provocative and informative, your talks seem to tie up the loose ends of science, spirituality, and psychology for me in a way that affirms my sense of the miraculous connectedness of all things. You’re wonderful to listen to – always a total turn-on. ~ Lynn Comley, parent

Marcy Axness is a superb presenter. She has the rare gift of distilling the latest research and the most sweeping of truths into concise vignettes and memorable stories that go straight to the heart of the matter and the heart of the listener. And always with the lightest of touches, the latest in PowerPoint and the most accessible of styles. For every parent and every parent-to-be, Dr. Axness’ work is a must see, hear and read. ~ Randolph Severson, PhD, Psychotherapist, author

Sarah Ripard raves about Marcy Axness

Your talk was awesome! This stuff is just so fascinating, I wish we had 4 more hours of you — please, please come back sometime! ~ Laura Knowlton, parent

As a conference planner, I want to stay away from the trite or bland. I count on Marcy Axness to be neither. She brings currency and depth to her presentations. Best of all, she is an unabashed voice for children.
~ Jim Gritter, Catholic Human Services, Traverse City, MI

As a past president and longtime member of our Rotary Club (and a criminal defense attorney for the past 26 years), I hear an abundance of speakers at our weekly meetings. Many of the topics revolve around social issues, and very often I find myself calling B.S. on a lot of nonsense. However, the topic of Dr. Axness’s book, Parenting for Peace, is not BS. Quite frankly, it was one of the most powerful, relevant and sense-making talks we have ever had. I recommend this book to everyone, parent or not. ~ Paul Cadman, public defender, Kern County, CA

Thank you for the wonderful talks you presented to our group. We are all so impressed with you. I would love to have you back anytime. ~ Debra Decker, PhD, Simi Valley Psychotherapists’ Network

Marcy is an excellent communicator of these concepts to the general public, with a solid scientific understanding. ~ Curt Sandman, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair UCI Dept. of Psychiatry

Marcy Axness is a communicator par excellence. ~ John C. Sonne, MD, Psychiatrist/Family therapist