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Parenting for Peace | Marcy Axness, PhD

In her Huffington Post review of the book, Nancy Chuda puts Parenting for Peace into the same world class as Joy of Cooking — suggesting that it belongs in every home! “Parents need a new manifesto, a cultural reboot to help them raise the next generation…with a kind of love that can, in fact, change the world.

 Leading Edge Parenting

Dr. Marcy had the honor of being “parenting guru” Sandi Schwartz’s last guest as she poignantly closed out her four years of shows. It was a great conversation with lots of useable insights! Listen

The Mountain Enterprise, September 2011 – Marcy featured on the front page of the newspaper serving her hometown communities in the California mountains. The article focuses on this theme of Parenting for Peace: Do You Know How Powerful You Are?? Take a look


Pathways to Family Wellness, Spring 2011 —  “Gratitude: Upgrade Your Life”     “We are always self-creating. When we focus our consciousness toward gratitude, beauty and communion, we weave peace into our very cells. This isn’t just flowery sentiment; this comes from leading- edge research in the fields of positive psychology and mind-body science…” {Read

Marcy Axness featured in Mundo Hispanico

Mundo Hispanico — Dr. Axness is featured in the March 2010 issue of this Spanish-language publication on the topic of the importance of sound and voice during prenatal development: “En el vientre nos pueden oir

Marcy Axness Featured in The Bleeping Herald

The Bleeping Herald — This cyber-zine has a worldwide readership of progressive thinkers, willing to continually re-examine what they “know for sure.” TBH is published by the team who brought us What the Bleep Do We Know?, the film that swept the nation a few years back with its intriguing exploration of human potential. One of the film’s directors, Betsy Chasse, was inspired through her own experience of new motherhood to develop a series of articles about parenting for peace, and she invited me to contribute “Raising Generation PAX: Peace Begins with How We Parent, From the Very Beginning.”

 Marcy Axness Featured on Living Hero Radio

Living Hero: As a subject of Living Hero: Conversations with Living Luminaries and Mavericks — Dr. Axness engages in an extensive discussion of raising a generation for peace. An excerpt from that interview is featured in Jari Chevalier’s brilliant audio meta-essay from Living Hero’s new Synthesis Series: ”Where’s The Imagination?”

 Marcy Axness featured in Mothering Magazine

Mothering Magazine — Dr. Axness is a member of Mothering magazine’s online Expert Forum, contributing her expertise in the areas of adoption, prenatal parenting, and parenting for peace.

Trauma, Brain & Relationship: Helping Children Heal — Dr. Axness appears with Bruce Perry, Daniel Siegel, and other child development experts in this documentary about what children most need for healthy psycho-social development in their early days, months, and years – and how we can best help them if they don’t get it. “The Very First Relationship” (3:38 clip from film): All relationships, and especially primary relationships, profoundly impact the developing brain, for better or worse…

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