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I recently wrapped up a sabbatical of 4 1/2 years working as a newspaper journalist. It was heartwarming that during all those years I never stopped receiving interview requests, which were bittersweet as I had to politely turn them all down. That is how consuming my “day job” was. It left me no bandwidth for continuing anything else, including my own blogging, speaking or guesting on webinars and podcasts.

Haley Radke’s invitation to guest on her Adoptees On podcast was such a warm way to begin dipping my toe once again back into the wider world. And it was an especially gracious welcome back to “adoption land” as she calls it, since I had stepped way back from adoption activism over twenty years ago to focus on early human development and parenting.

In this conversation we cover:

  • The primal wound: what could possibly be positive about it?
  • My story as one of the earliest independent adoptions in California
  • One (of a million) reunion story
  • Memories of adoption reform pioneer Annette Baran
  • Adventures in healing (and my current mantra)
  • A key to unlocking my early inner life came from an unexpected source
  • Something important for adoption reform activists to always remember
Ways to listen:
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