Digital Mastery Tools for Parents: Slow Tech & iRules

Digital-Dependence-Parenting-for-Peace So let’s say you’ve been nodding your head at what you’ve read so far in this series (not to mention lots of other places) about the quiet costs of digital devotion… but what now?? What do you DO about it?! How do you tame the iBeast you invited in, before you realized it was hacking your children’s brain chemistry to engineer their deepening digital dependence? How do you transform iWorries into iRules? Assuming you’ve checked out the two solid entry-level guidelines I offered a few weeks ago, and you’re looking for some next-level ideas, Janell Burley Hofmann has some road-tested family tools for you.

Starting with her Slow Tech Manifesto:

                          (Click on any of the above text to read Hofmann’s Manifesto in its entirety — it’s worth it and it’s short!)

The Wonder of iRules

Janell’s slow-tech family savvy led to the book iRules and the development of the iRules Contract, to help foster tech health and balance in your family. You can read Hofmann’s very first iRules contract here; it was for her 13-year-old son on a Christmas some years ago. And in partnership with VISR — a social media and e-mail monitoring platform to alert parents when there is questionable activity on their children’s social media account — she has created a dynamic iRules template you can use to develop a template that works within your family’s unique values and needs. I’d love to hear if you find this tool helpful! Whether you’re curious, captivated or concerned about our digital dependence and device devotion, join me on (most) Wednesdays so we can explore it together. (Sign up here if you want to be sure not to miss anything!) ….. …..

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