“I’m Pregnant and Intrigued…”

MarcyPgAt2BunchMutedCrpPregnancy is no longer a nine-month grace period before parenting begins. On the contrary, pregnancy is a potent, one-time window of opportunity–Nature’s “Head Start Program” for your baby! And if you’re intrigued, that is good news: curiosity is a wonderful quality to have, especially as you embark on parenting.

When a woman is pregnant, her baby’s organs and tissues develop in direct response to lessons they receive about the world—from Mom’s diet, her behavior and her state of mind. Mounting evidence tells us that the prenatal environment is equally as important as genes, perhaps even more important, in determining lifelong physical and mental health.

Prenatal parenting empowers you to make smart choices to equip your child to experience abundant peace within, and promote innovative peace without, throughout the many years of his or her life. It is also a great opportunity to begin cultivating the calm confidence within your parenting soul that will serve your child every single day once he or she is born!

Chapter 3 of my book Parenting for Peace is chock-full of insights, inspiration and guidance for pregnancy. Meanwhile, here are some place to start right now, if you’d like to begin learning progressive, practical ways you can most fruitfully answer your unborn baby’s unceasing, 9-month question: What kind of world am I coming into, Mommy, through your eyes?

Mental Health Begins in the Womb

The Function of Joy in Pregnancy

Men & Pregnancy: Inviting Fathers In

Preparing for Baby: What Do You Really Need?

Navigating Stress in Pregnancy


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