Perhaps you are trying to get pregnant… children are yet in your future… your children are grown… or you have chosen not to have children…

For all of us humans no matter our age or circumstance, the same environmental and experiential influences we now know shape a newly developing baby in the womb also shape us, through the wonders of cell regeneration. (Do you know that some of the cells of your taste buds won’t outlive this internet session?!) All of our cells are regenerated roughly every three months, and the quality of the new cells is shaped to a great extent by our own attitudes, perceptions, behaviors–and, of course, nutrition.

Thus, we are all pregnant with our future selves, always participating in our own self-creation! We can raise ourselves as peacemakers… or not.

A significant aggregate of knowledge and wisdom woven into a very understandable story. It is well organized and clear, and could be considered “A Manifesto for Humanity,” rather than a parenting book.     – Patrick Houser, author of Fathers-To-Be Handbook

Whatever we surround ourselves with becomes a shaping force on our very being. Peacefulness, order and beauty in our environment support our inner wellbeing and health, from cells to organs to the whole bodymind system. Clang, clutter and chaos, on the other hand, can also become embodied physically and mentally. As without, so within.

What we put our attention on increases. When we focus on the positive—beauty, possibility, enjoyment—just as when we zero in on the negative—criticism, losses, everything that’s wrong—it’s like putting water and fertilizer on it, making either the positive or the negative flourish and multiply. This isn’t just fuzzy “power of attraction” stuff; this is also neuroscience 101.

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  • how to tap into the power we each have to influence who we become in the coming weeks, months and years, thanks to the wonders of neuroplasticity, cell regeneration, and epigenetics
  • “pattern-interrupts” for transforming a negative mindset and wiring positive pathways in the brain (i.e., get you out of a funk!)
  • ways to optimize your fertility and your future child’s optimal health at the same time
  • many things you can do before and during conception to foster optimally vibrant health in your child from the very beginning
  • the unique parenting-for-peace role that grandparents can play