Parenting for Peace: Baby Steps to Take NOW
For Your Child’s Lifelong Success

This 2-hr. workshop is designed for pregnant and new mothers (and fathers are invited too!). Learn 5 “Big Bang” parenting tools to incorporate now that will serve you and your child(ren) throughout your future. Topics covered include:

• Pregnancy is “Nature’s Head Start Program” — how to use it to your child’s healthiest advantage, and your happiest parenting experience
• Simple principles revealed that will empower you to make the choices necessary to raise children who are hardwired for success in a changing world
• Practices to begin in pregnancy & the early months so most discipline issues will evaporate before they appear, and mutual family enjoyment will blossom
• Understand who children are at the brain level, and what they need from you in the early years, to imbue you with the kind of parental confidence that is sorely missing today
• Words to eliminate from your vocabulary with young children… and words that work like magic to enlist their happy cooperation

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