Would YOUR Dog Bite Me?

Would YOUR Dog Bite Me? | Marcy Axness, PhDMy blogging life (my entire life, actually) was rudely interrupted one week ago today, when I was badly bit by a neighbor’s dog. It has put the issue of dog owner denial front and center for me. I realize it could have been much worse, and then my mind spins out further into other scenarios: What if I’d not picked up my dog in the nick of time? What if I’d been with a child? What if I had been a child? So I’m taking this opportunity to ask you to give some sober second thought to your own dog(s): they are your companions, your loves, your joy — but they are animals. Be really honest: would YOUR dog bite me? Or anyone?

This wasn’t the first time this bulldog had taken a run at us. A little over a year ago, Monty (a rescue Bichon – Westie mix) and I walked past his property and I noticed the owner working outside on the side of the house. I heard him say something urgent to his dog, then call to me, “Watch your dog!” I didn’t have time to reel Monty’s flexi-lead in close enough to grab him, and in seconds the bulldog was on him — with Monty’s entire muzzle in his jaws! I was screaming, and Monty was letting out his horrible, unique cry I’ve heard only once before (when the vet went down his ear w/ alligator forceps to grab a foxtail). {Read the rest at mothering.com}

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