Simplicity Series: Small Posts for Big Growth


As summer lingers just around the corner, with its invitation to slow down and savor life…

4 nuggets of practical guidance that weave together all 7 Parenting for Peace principles:


At its heart & soul, Parenting for Peace is indeed this… simple


Mining Joy from the Muck of Daily Mothering | Motherhood broke me open, and then squeezed me through the muck of daily mothering toward wholeness. Here are two (of many) guiding concepts that saw me through.

Got Trust? The Antidote for Insecurity & Stress | I define trust as “calm reliance upon things outside your perception or control.” Here are a few tried and true ways to fill your inner reservoir of trust. 

Three Simple Ways to Nurture Yourself | The more you as a parent can nurture yourself, the more easeful your day-to-day life with children becomes — and the more healthy their development!

The Power of Example = 3 Cool Mothering Hacks | For more harmony with your children, more calm & confidence in your parenting, and more connection with your partner, harness the power of example.



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