5 Ways to “Download” Wellbeing to Your Kids

Mother-and-ChildBubblesThe new science of human relationships and brain development — affective neuroscience — has revealed that children actually download their parents’ ways of socially and emotionally relating. It’s truly a copy/paste situation! Attuned interactions with you are as important as calories in building a healthy brain. Together with tending to this attachment-based brain development, here are 5 ways to download wellbeing to your kids:

Find joy during pregnancy — Mounting evidence tells us that circumstances in the womb program us in critical, life-altering ways. The prenatal environment is equally as important as genes, perhaps even more so, in shaping our lifelong physical and mental health. We can no longer afford to consider pregnancy a nine-month grace period before parenting begins. On the contrary, pregnancy is like Nature’s Secret Head Start Program for your baby! When a woman is pregnant, her baby’s organs and tissues develop in direct response to lessons they receive about the world. Through her diet, her behavior and her state of mind, a mother downloads lessons to her baby about what kind of world it’s coming into — a world that’s basically peaceful or a world that is threatening. Development (especially of the fetal brain) adapts to suit that download.

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