Parenting for Peace

is a

 tool set,

a state of mind,

a weaving of principles

created by Dr. Marcy Axness

A Note to You from Dr. Marcy

I developed the PARENTING FOR PEACE concept and principles  from years of studying, parenting, counseling, listening, and observing. I have woven together skeins of intersecting knowledge from such far-ranging fields as psychology and theology… neuroscience and quantum science… anthropology and endocrinology. (And too many other ”-ologies” to mention.) And of course, Early Human Development, the field in which I earned a doctoral degree. But perhaps my most relevant credential for parent counseling is that I’ve birthed two babies, mothered two toddlers, shepherded two school-aged children, parented two teens, and lived to tell the tales!

Whether you are trying to conceive, or contemplating adoption… embarking on pregnancy or adjusting to new parenthood… delighting in the preschool years or struggling with behavior problems… I invite you to explore the site and see what ideas might beckon you… to consider… to savor… to try on for size. Put them together with your own knowledge, your own important story, to enrich your soul as a parent and a person.