Amazing Deal: Instant Library for Conscious Parents

Is life moving so fast that you find yourself without a go-to collection of parenting references? You know, lots of books or audios that you maybe heard about and meant to order…but just didn’t?

Hey, hungry kids, dirty laundry, annoyed [spouse / boss / friend] take precedence and so many of our good intentions simply drop off the radar screen for lack of time. And head space. I get it.

Here’s your solution: conscious minds have put their minds together to gather a collection of conscious parenting resources for you from some of the finest authors around. And poof! — it can be instantly yours!

Introducing Mindful Parenting’s Newest eBundle!


Included are eBooks, eAudio, eCourses, coloring pages, an eMagazine, and more on the topics of Pregnancy and Birth, Parenting the Early Years, Child Development, Mindful Guidance, and Resources for Parents.

This collection includes some HUGE names in the parenting field, and resources that will (peacefully) rock your world, including:
  • Hold On to Your Kids — by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté, two of my IDOLS. I sometimes recommend this book (especially to parents of older kids) even before my own!
  • The Business of Baby — by Jennifer Margulis, an incisive look into what doctors and corporations don’t tell you about pregnancy and childbirth — and how you can put your and your baby’s own wellbeing ahead of their bottom line
  • Parenting Softly Straightforward, no-frills neuro-scientific guidance for parenting from conception through age two, from my respected colleague Bryan Post
  • and my contribution, Calm Authority for Fathers My most popular audio coaching session, developed through years of clinical research & success:

Dad Up! A Scientific Audio Tool for Being An
Effective, Happy Father Whose Kids Respect You

  • You can get the full bundle (35 titles) for $49.97 (that’s an average of $1.42 per title… and the full bundle includes great freebies!), or…
  • any individual topic module containing 6-7 titles for $19.97. (Calm Authority for Fathers is in the “Resources for Parents” topic module. So you can get that plus FIVE OTHER titles for just 2 cents more than my audio retails for!!!! Can you say, “No-brainer”??!)

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Fine print: I’m required by law to inform you of the seemingly obvious
fact that I receive an affiliate/contributor portion of proceeds from each sale!