If your eyes glaze over staring at the bookstore shelf… or the Amazon search results — TOO many choices!!!! — here is a wonderful selection made FOR you, the mindful parent!!

These are mostly e-books, but some mp3’s as well, including an API teleseminar and my own Sleep Talking eBooklet / Audio Coaching set (see just below for a description)




Offer’s almost over — get in under the wire!! Here’s just half the list of titles:

  1. Parenting for Social Change by Teresa Graham Brett
  2. A Unique 7-Step Parenting Tool: Sleep Talking by Marcy Axness
  3. Relaxation Meditation, audio by Amy Phoenix of Presence Parenting
  4. Newbie’s Guide to Positive Parenting by Rebecca Eanes of Positive Parents
  5. Issue three of the Play Grow Learn magazine by Christie Burnett of Childhood 101
  6. Mindful Parenting eBundleGetting Back on Track! Why We Explode and What We Can Do About It, audio by Genevieve Simperingham of Peaceful Parent Institute
  7. Stress Relief for Parents, audio by Genevieve Simperingham of Peaceful Parent Institute
  8. Creative Play Workshop, email course by Gina Kimmel of Connecting Family and Seoul and Katherine Lockett of Creative Playhouse
  9. Mindset for Moms by Jamie Martin
  10. Moods of Motherhood by Lucy Pearce of Dreaming Aloud
  11. 42 Rules for Divorcing with Kids by Melinda Roberts

There are eleven other wonderful titles, including an Attachment Parenting International teleseminar. (See details on all of them below.) With this bundle you could be set with yummy summer reading till next year and beyond! This is a one-time opportunity, available only through Monday, June 10. Buy it now, because this deal won’t come around again!  

Mindful Parenting eBundle

[To be fully transparent, not to mention FTC-compliant, as an affiliate in this eBundle, Parenting for Peace receives a percentage of each sale. It’s a win-win: you get great stuff AND help support the P4P movement!]