Tool 2: Kid Brain Savvy










This article, written by a pediatric occupational therapist who shares her own struggles with this as a mother, investigates the connection between academic early education and the rising
rates of sensory issues.
WashPostCommonCore The Common Core State Standards call for kindergartners to learn how to read, but a new report by early childhood experts says that forcing some kids to read before they are ready could be harmful.
It is a dangerously slippery slope getting our children in the habit of distracting themselves away from boredom (or distress or irritation or fear or whatever state it may be) via a handheld device. (A Dr. Marcy blog post)
UnpluggedAlternatives “9 Fun Unplugged Alternatives to Kids’ Electronics” | Really helpful & unique, the way the author zeroes in on each aspect of screen-appeal and offers alternatives featuring those. (Young child)
“How I Limited Screen Time by Offering My Kids Unlimited Screen Time” | Brain-savvy idea from a mom dealing with exponentially more screens than I ever did! She flips the struggle into an opportunity for a child’s self-regulation & responsibility. (8 and up)
“A Creative Alternative to Baby TV Time” | By Janet Lansbury, who shares a RIE perspective on the screen struggle (which starts early!). This article also speaks to an issue that we’ll encounter in Tool 5, so it will feel familiar when we arrive there! (Infant/toddler)
TeachingPeace Children’s Audios I Personally Recommend
Teaching Peace, by Red Grammer
Baby Beluga, by Raffi
10-Carrot Diamond, by Charlotte Diamond
Free to Be You and Me, Marlo Thomas
Any storytelling by Odds Bodkin 
RabbitEars Rabbit Ears Entertainment | They have now added illustrations to their masterfully narrated tales, so my suggestion is to play them just for the audio to engage your child’s imagination and forestall the “screen seduction” as long as possible!
Research on Television & Development
Television and Children (from U. of Michigan )
The Effects of TV on Children (Psych Central)
Childhood TV & Criminal Behavior (LA Times)
Study Links TV & Depression (LA Times)
A motherlode of imaginative, original activities good for all children, not just those with sensory processing / integration disorder. I gave a few examples in your homework section, but there are oodles more in here!
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