For Your Appointment

I look forward to connecting for our time together. Here are some things to keep in mind to make the most of our time together:

  1. All times are Pacific (either PST or PDT depending on whether daylight savings is in effect).
    Please check your time zone and so we are in sync.
  2. Please have questions ready.
    This is your time for determining if I’m a good fit for you, so I invite whatever questions will help you get a sense of that. This might include a brief summary of a parenting issue you’re currently facing. I will share basics of how I work, and I always try to leave the mini-session having given you at least one solid tool / insight to put to use right away in your parenting.
        ***  If you decide you would like to move ahead and do a regular session directly following our mini-session, it may be possible, depending on my schedule that day. ***
  3. You will receive an audio of our session.
    Dr. Marcy Free ConsultIn a regular coaching session I typically cover quite a bit of ground, and it can be challenging to absorb it all in real time. Even with this mini-session, I find it’s helpful to be able to hear it back later. I send you the mp3 within 24 hrs. of our appointment.
  4. Call into my conference line at your appointment time.
    Dial-in number: 1.559.726.1200
    Conference code: 164841
    If you call an no one is on the line, please wait. The conference session is not activated until I join. If you call and cannot get on the line for some reason, hang up and try again. Ah, technology — it can surprise and sometimes annoy!
  5. If technology fails after the third try…
    and you can’t get through, please email me at — put “My free consult is NOW” in the Subject line — and include a phone # where you can be reached. I will call you immediately. Sometimes technology does throw a curve ball. (Note that if this happens, I can’t record the session. That is the beauty of the conference line.)
  6. Please be on time.
    Your session starts at our agreed upon date / hour and runs for 15-20 minutes. (When you schedule your appt., you’ll notice they are 30-minute slots — simply for me to have breathing room between sessions, not feel rushed, and be able to be fully present with you for your time.)
  7. Enjoy it!
    Just recently a new client ended our session by saying she felt excited and hopeful — and that is what can happen when you find a good coaching fit and empowering tools. I myself get incredibly joyful when that happens!

Blessings, and talk to you soon…
Dr. Marcy Axness