Newborns Sleeping Through the Night: A DANGEROUS Myth

with Dr. James McKenna of Notre Dame University & Gena Kirby of Progressive Parenting

This is on the order of a master class on the subject of infant “sleep training” — an emergency session convened by Gena to address the latest newborn sleep “miracle scheme” currently being promoted by two pediatricians in a new book and in national media.

[For some reason that I can neither figure out nor fix, the YouTube video begins half-way through the hour. Simply drag the control button back to the beginning!]

How in the World Do We Lose the Stress and Loosen Up??!

The more calm and confident we can be as parents, the more our children “catch our calm” and things go much better all the way around. And, as one of my favorite parent educator / psychologists, Lawrence Cohen, points out, our kids really need us to loosen up and be more playful and easy-going!

Problem is, there is a massive epidemic of UNcalm and UNconfidence out there amongst parents. This puts a HUGE damper on “playful” and “easy-going”! I’ve decided it’s time to offer some healing balm & helpful tools, at my FREE TELESEMINAR:


The Secret to Being the Parent You Long to Be ~
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