Calm Authority for Mothers (CD / mp3)

If you’re struggling with aspects of parenting, or just wanting to optimally prepare yourself to be an effective parent, this is for you. Parenting can bring up all your old stuff to be reckoned with.  So in my private practice and in my book Parenting for Peace, while I certainly do offer specific guidance and tips, and just the right words for parents to say and not say to their kids, what I focus a lot on is cultivating a level of inner calm and self-possession that’s essential for peaceful parenting, and that makes most discipline issues evaporate before they ever appear.

That’s what this recording is about.

I’ve made this modular, so you can get the most possible use out of it to serve you best, depending on your needs in the moment, and how much time you have. If you have the full 20-few minutes, of course it will be wonderful for you to do all four modules. But let’s say you’re having a stressful day that shows no signs of letting up, and you have just a few minutes to relax and resource yourself: then you can program your player or iPod to just listen to Relaxation and Returning Home. Or maybe just before bed, simply listen to the relaxation piece. If you think you’re going to be encountering a challenging moment with your child, give a quick listen to Revisioning the Present.

Use tracks 3-6 if you’re focused on your relationship with a daughter, and tracks 7-10 if you’re focusing on a son. (All the modules except Revisioning the Present are identical, but they are bundled separately for your convenience, to not have to skip around looking for the appropriate track.)

These are made to mix and match — follow your intuition in choosing what’s right for you on a given day. I will say that whenever we’re working with the brain’s amazing ability to rewire itself, it’s good to give it the chance to develop new habits over time. Both of the revisioning pieces will continue to bring results when you continue to use them, and remember, it’s never the same twice because you’re bringing new memories, thoughts and images to them each time!

Track Details

1.   Introduction
2.   User Guide

3.   Relaxation
4.   Revisioning the Past
5.   Revisioning the Present [w/ a Daughter]
6.   Return Home

7.   Relaxation
8.   Revisioning the Past
9.   Revisioning the Present [w/ a Son]
10. Return Home

If you’re interested in purchasing additional copies of the CD or mp3, they are available on my website store. If you received the audio as a free gift, I appreciate that you will protect it for your own private use.