Marcy Axness PhD in "Trauma, Brain and Relationship"Trauma, Brain and Relationship: Helping Children Heal — Dr. Axness appears along with such field leaders as Bruce Perry, Daniel Siegel, Connie Lillas, Bryan Post, and other child development experts in this documentary about what children most need for healthy psycho-social development in their early days, months, and years – and how we can best help them if they don’t get it.  All relationships, and especially primary relationships, profoundly impact the developing brain, for better or worse…  View 3:38 clip from film: “The Very First Relationship”

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Coach's Corner InterviewCoach’s Corner with Andrew Poretz — I met Andrew on a recent visit to New York, and he invited me on to his very popular show (he’s had Anthony Robbins on!). This was a really lively, fun chat — fun because Andrew really “gets it.” I love that he sees the relevance of Parenting for Peace for everyone, whether they’re parents or not. (He’s not.) At last count, the podcast of our interview had been downloaded 1,001 times! A great listen for the iPod in the car. Download




Marcy Axness PhD guest on Bryan Post inner circle callThe Law of Attraction in Parenting — Bryan Post, the master guru of parenting the “difficult-to-parent” child, welcomed me again as a guest expert to his Inner Circle’s monthly call-in gathering, and has given me permission to share this call with you. This is like a master class and parent coaching session all in one, with lots of practical guidelines and inspiring concepts! In the first 30 minutes Bryan breaks down and demystifies the so-called “law of attraction” in the context of parenting and concludes with an inspiring challenge for ALL parents. I then weave in the “growth or protection” theme from Parenting for Peace. And the work he does with one mom (beginning at 1:03:40 in the recording) around the issue of her child hitting her and being verbally abusive is freakin’ brilliant, and SO relevant to every parent!  Listen

Dr. Marcy Axness on Leading Edge Parenting radioLeading Edge Parenting — Dr. Marcy had the honor of being “parenting guru” Sandi Schwartz’s last guest as she poignantly closed out her four years of shows. It was a great conversation with lots of useable insights including on topics like how to find the artful balance of being present with children without making them your central focus.   Listen


Dr. Marcy’s  Audio Samples

Here are three short excerpts from Dr. Marcy’s most popular coaching session, Calm Authority for Mothers. Dr. Marcy Audio Coaching Session

The Power of Attitude1:20

Calm, Loving Authority:57

Sample of imagery 1:04

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