5 Tools for Transforming from Stressed Out into Sane & Centered webinar

Bring more confidence and ease to your parenting  •  Cultivate the level of inner authority that reduces conflicts, soothes children, and makes life more of a breeze  •  Enjoy more harmony at home while “wiring” your kids for success — in school & in life!


I thank you ten times a day for the depth and richness
yet simplicity your work has introduced into our already
thriving little family.
~ Elizabeth Bolden, mother of two young sons


  • Do you love your kids so much, but sometimes experience
    daily life as a series of tactical maneuvers?
  • Do you have a sense of swimming against the tide in order
    to parent in line with your intentions?
  • Do you wish you felt more confident in the choices you’re
    making — from discipline to sleep to media, etc.?
  • Would you welcome the experience of more
    joy & peacefulness in daily parenting life?


Then join us!

5 Tools for Transforming from Stressed Out to Sane & Centered | Marcy Axness PhD

FREE webinar on Wed, April 24
10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

I will introduce my 5 “Big Bang” Parenting for Peace tools, and share tips you can start using immediately… and see the difference!

  • How to make time-out really work (cuz it doesn’t
    as usually practiced!)
  • Which common “4-letter” parenting word to
    eliminate, for instant results
  • Giving too many of these to your child? It could be
    making you both miserable!
  • Which toys build brains, and which toys drain brains??
  • “Super Nanny’s” #1 trick, and how to put it to work for you

5 Tools for Transforming from Stressed Out into Sane & Centered | Marcy Axness PhD