Pre-Parenting & Parenting

The Mind-Body Connection in Fertility and Pregnancy — One of the biggest challenges we face in creating the lives we want is that our basic attitudes and perceptions of the world were shaped in the earliest days, months and years of our lives, long before we had a chance to form our own opinions! Through the process of “implicit learning,” wordless messages and lessons accrue… {read on}

Concepción Consciente ~ Padres Desde el Inicio — Podrá parecer sorprendente que haya gran cantidad de investigación que sugiere que nuestra influencia como padres comienza aún antes del embarazo – y no tan solo por causa de nuestros genes. Las investigaciones en campos científicos tan disímiles como la biología celular, la genética y los estudios… {read on}

In the Flow ~ The Intimate Ecology of Womanpower — Ah, childbirth classes. For some of you reading this it may be a very recent memory—or it may be yet to come. There we gather, in a room full of pillows, partners, and other blossoming, to receive the great secrets about this most mysterious process of labor and birth… anxious to learn just the right breathing formula, just the right mantra for a successful labor, a good birth… {read on}