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• Does your child have negative patterns of behavior that seem
to whatever parenting techniques you try?

• Do you find yourself getting frustrated, annoyed and even
outright ANGRY
when you can’t seem to change things?

• Do you suspect it may be related to prenatal / birth trauma
or other “unreachable”
memories in your child’s experience?

• Do you find yourself wishing there was some magic solution to “un-stick” these patterns and bring more ease, harmony & delight into your home?


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One Response to “Quick-Start Guide Download (Telesem)”

  1. Holly Carlson Drayton says:

    Thanks for the positive ideas Marcy. My 3 1/2 year old girl is happy, energetic and independent which is lovely and challenging! Even with the PPN knowledge from SBGI and APPAH I struggle to remain calm and loving sometimes. I’m thrilled to have more info to work with.

    All my best to you!


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