APRIL 2014

Dear [First Name],

I hope this finds you delighting in the season of regeneration, renewal, and rebirth. As tender green shoots emerge from dead-looking branches, we’re reminded that life is miraculous and mysterious in its streams of growth. In the latest installment of my Spring Simplicity Series, I offer ways to give yourself the gift of trust in these unseen currents of Life! (See below)

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Spring Simplicity

Don’t you love that feeling of lightness that you get after spring cleaning? In that spirit I’m doing a season of mini-articles aiming for that feeling:

Mining Joy from the Muckof Daily Mothering Read

Got Trust? The Antidote for Insecurity & Stress



Glancing Back at the Whirlwind

For the first time since Parenting for Peace came out in early spring of 2012, I’m having a few moments to catch my breath and really savor where I’ve been and whom I’ve connected with in these past two fast-paced years.In case you’re curious about where I’ve traveled (so far!) on the wings of my book, here’s a Scrapbook of Dr. Marcy Event Highlights. (We will continue updating this, by the way. I still need to add my goofie selfie with Bruce Lipton!)


Got Wonder?

If you follow me much, you know I often give the prescription to cultivate more wonder in your life. In case you’re running low, here’s a wonder break:

Recent blog posts

Is Your Child Ready To Read? A Checklist | True reading readiness is a biological milestone, like losing a first tooth, and can be assessed using specific sensory-motor integration benchmarks. (This post was seen by over 45,000 and was surprisingly controversial, judging from the comments!)
Surrender: A Potent Power for Parenting | We of the information revolution are convinced we can figure out and control everything in our lives. But paradoxically, surrender is more empowering!
Mining Joy from the Daily Muck of Mothering | Motherhood broke me open, and then brought me through the muck of daily mothering to wholeness. Here are two (of many) guiding concepts that saw me through.
Got Trust? The Antidote for Insecurity & Stress | Trust–calm reliance upon things outside your perception and control–is the antidote for insecurity and stress. How to fill your inner reservoir of trust?

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As always, in this season of tender new beginnings, your interest in and support of Parenting for Peace is a gift & and a joy!



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Teaching Apology

We have all witnessed it countless times — and we’ve probably even done it ourselves: the painful, awkward “apology demand”! You know, it goes something like, “You need to tell your sister you’re sorry for knocking over her play-house.” Or whatever it is. Here is a simple, helpful apology format that really gets to the heart of the matter! Great for kids over 7, and for younger ones, we can model this for them to imitate…later! Read more

Carseat Recall

Evenflo Company is voluntarily recalling more than 1.3 million child safety seat buckles due to the risk a child might not be able to be removed quickly in an emergency. The recall applies to select models sold between 2011 and 2014. The models in question are crashworthy, and can continue to be used to transport your child safely, if you are not experiencing difficulty unlatching the buckle. Find more details,  information & instructions here.

Solid Gold Insights

My bar is very high when it comes to parent guidance and education. Not gonna lie — I’m way picky! Janet Lansbury is one of the best, imho. She is a RIE teacher in Los Angeles and has a very loyal following, for good reason. Check out her blog articles, which offer wise practical guidance, beautifully expressed. From “3 Stories That Could Change the Way You Parent” to “Cutting the Cutesy with Our Kids” I find her stuff wonderful! Check it out…

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