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Pause for Presence: A Personal Reflection

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Marcy & Eve Axness at her solo art showIt recently came time for me to walk my talk! How many times have I cautioned parents, “When we overbook, we overlook”? How often have I invited them to recognize that among a child’s greatest needs is to be really heard, seen and understood? And how that delicate process can get trampled under the weight of a lock-step schedule. One of the biggest obstacles to tranquility and joy in the home is our adult agenda, and sometimes we simply need to pause for presence.

Proud mama with daughter Eve


Last week my daughter Eve graduated from college. And a week prior to that was the Senior Art Exhibition in which her work was specially featured. Both of these once-in-a-lifetime events took place in New York. I live in California. You can begin to see the dilemma. But hey, work is virtual these days. I arranged a place to stay for the week between the senior show and the commencement ceremony, and figured I’d have time to get work done during that week. Hahahaha. (You’re probably way ahead of me.) (more…)