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How I’m Surviving December 2012

Friday, December 7th, 2012

I’m supposed to blog regularly. Ideally every day (ha!), but at the very least, twice a week. (This I’m told by professionals who know how to keep interest alive in one’s book and one’s work.) And being a writer with lots to say, this is normally fine with me. Then December 2012 arrived. I’m all a-bumble. Topsy-turvy. And you know what? I’m going with it! In thinking deeply and reading lightly about it, I find that December 2012 is like life, amplified: ripe with opportunities that can be embraced and nurtured, or overlooked.

How I'm Surviving December 2012 | Marcy Axness PhD

Eve and Marcy at Dia Beacon

Life deemed that my December 2012 would begin across the country on an upstate New York road trip with my daughter Eve. Midnight struck as we cuddled up together at a cozy B&B enjoying a wee-hours Parenthood marathon via Hulu. After catching up on our shared favorite show, we fell asleep together in the fabulously comfy king-size bed. (We were co-sleeping!)

Aside from having taken her there for her freshman year, I had never visited Eve at college. And now she’s a senior with barely more than one semester left…and the most beautiful of all the senior studios because she pulled a low lottery number…and three apartment mates…and a whole life that I’d not yet felt up close.

I worked my butt off the weekend before flying to New York, to get blog posts written in advance, to get my November newsletter out, to essentially bank a week’s worth of work in two days. That’s when I felt it beginning to set in: weariness of the obligation to write, write, always be writing. (more…)