Parenting For Peace Sneak Peek-By Marcy Axness

Parenting for Peace Sneak Peek

Parenting for Peace is a comprehensive synthesis of neuroscience, psychology, and education, cooked down to seven simple “PARENTS Principles” for raising intelligent kids hardwired for inner balance, empathy and success in a changing world.

Here’s what you’ll receive in this special Sneak Peek:

Introduction ~ Do You Know How Powerful You Really Are? Fascinating research from epigenetics, cell biology and consciousness studies compels us to reconceive how we think of ourselves and our influence on our own self-creation. The scope of our influence in the world infinitely expands, inviting us to embrace our powerful role in an evolution that unifies the spiritual and the scientific, and to recognize the 21st century implications of “survival of the fittest”: survival no longer depends upon brute physical strength and mere intelligence, but instead requires that we harness our capacity for creative thought toward social interdependence and a drive for unification. As Dan Goleman concludes in Social Intelligence, it begins with parenting. The status-quo of today’s culture—media, medicine, education—exerts tremendous pressure on well-meaning parents to make choices that simply aren’t good for kids, or for our future as a human family. But knowledge is empowering: Heartened by the promise of seven clear steps (in time) and seven simple principles (timeless), parents (and future parents) can feel confident in their ability to raise children who are a joy to be with during childhood, and who are peacemakers in the world as they grow up.

Step One ~ Pro-Growth Choices: Cultivating A Fertile Mind & Body  A central challenge we face as we attempt to manifest the lives we envision, is that our perceptions of reality were shaped in the earliest days of our lives; in fact, our reality was largely shaped for us, by our experiences with the people around us during childhood, infancy and even before. Recognizing these implicit perception templates, along with knowing simple “pattern interrupt” strategies, can free us to make our own choices. When we choose beauty, order, appreciation, possibility and presence, our brains flourish. Recognizing the “three in one” nature of our brains—the “sensing/doing” brain, the “feeling/knowing” brain, and the “thinking/speaking” brain with its most recent upgrade, the prefrontal lobes—empowers and invites us to finally engage our most glorious potential at this unprecedented moment in humanity’s story.

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