Calm Authority for Mothers

Dr. Marcy’s most popular from Dr. Marcy’s most popular coaching session, Calm Authority for Mothers.

It harnesses proven mindbody principles in a series of guided imagery processes that are pleasant,
soothing and yet very powerful in helping you makes positive changes!

This clinically proven material will help you:

  • bring more confidence and ease to your parenting
  • reduce anger / frustration levels
  • cultivate the inner authority to make life more of a breeze
  • de-stress — become more “sane & centered”
  • foster your child’s optimal brain development

This is a tool that works for me towards delivering
the principals of “Parenting for Peace” on a cellular
level via its relaxing prose and music, yet insistence
on bringing one to the assurance and self-possession
highlighted in Marcy’s work.
Elizabeth Bolden, mother of two

Calm Authority For Mothers CDHere are three short excerpts for you to sample:

The Power of Attitude1:20

Calm, Loving Authority:57

Sample of imagery 1:04


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Calm Authority for Fathers New: Calm Authority for Fathers | Marcy Axness, PhD


…is now available! All of the above benefits, specifically tailored to men.

        The Power of Attitude – 1:20

        Calm, Loving Authority – :57

        Sample of imagery – 1:07


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