5 Weeks to Transform from Stressed Out to Sane & Centered | Marcy Axness PhD______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bring more confidence and ease to your parenting  •  Cultivate the level of inner authority that reduces conflicts, soothes children, and makes life more of a breeze  •  Enjoy more harmony at home while “wiring” your kids for success — in school & in life!

I thank you ten times a day for the depth and richness
yet simplicity your work has introduced into our already
thriving little family.
~ Elizabeth Bolden, mother of 2 young sons

5 Tools for Transforming from Stressed Out to Sane & Centered | Marcy Axness PhD


Do you love your kids so much, but sometimes
experience daily life as a series of tactical maneuvers?

Do you have a sense of swimming against the
tide in order to parent in line with your intentions?

Do you wish you felt more confident in the choices
you’re making — from discipline to sleep to media, etc.?

Would you welcome the experience of more joy &
peacefulness in daily parenting life?


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Throughout our 5 weeks together, you will be part of a nurturing community of inquiry, information & inspiration — like-minded parents open to discovering that peace and joy can be simply a phone call away! My book Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers is a research-based roadmap organized around 7 principles: 

Presence    Awareness    Rhythm    Example    Nurturance    Trust    Simplicity

I have developed and refined 5 user-friendly parenting tools that engage and harness all 7 principles. Together, we will process through one parenting tool each week, gaining a solid grasp and a deeper understanding of how it can lead to success for you, including

  • its researched benefits for your effective parenting and your children’s healthy development
  • its range of practical applications (i.e., how to use it!) 
  • how it fits into the context of conventional parenting today
  • understanding the how, when, what, why of the process, and what to do when you get thrown a curve ball, and that all goes out the window!

Week 1:  Sunday, April 28 ~ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern
Week 2: Wednesday, May 1 ~ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern
Week 3: Wednesday, May 8 ~ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern
Week 4: Wednesday, May 15 ~ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern
Week 5: Wednesday, May 22 ~ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

Sessions will run 60 – 75 minutes, and will be held in tele-conference: all you need is a phone! Instructions for Skype users will be included for our international friends. Recordings are included in case you cannot join us live.

5 Weeks to Transform Stressed Out into Sane & Centered | Marcy Axness PhD

5-Week Stressed Out to Sane & Centered Teleclass


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      What you’ll get:

~ More than 7 direct, live hours live with Dr. Axness
~ Weekly eGuide for each session
~ Recordings of all sessions
~ Some Q&A in each session** — i.e., the chance to ask Dr. Axness your burning questions

Think of this teleclass as a Parenting for Peace “User’s Manual”: In just 5 enjoyable sessions, you’ll come away with some of my book’s best nuggets — simple and profoundly effective ways to move beyond the stress of parenting and discover new avenues of life vibrancy for you and your children!

In a sea of conflicting information about parenting, Marcy
Axness’s depth of research, her wisdom and humor are inspiring
and reassuring.  I found her material to be so profoundly moving
at times, as well as clear and comprehensive. Any parent
interested in parenting their children to the best of his or her
ability will not want to miss reading her book, Parenting for Peace,
or attending one of her classes.

~ Rebecca Varon-Remstein, school administrator and parent


Premium Upgrade:
P4P Open Coaching Circle

  • Additional 1-hr. live call per week, devoted SOLELY to
    answering your questions and addressing your individual
    coaching needs
  • Transcribed copies of each class for quick, easy reference
  • Rich opportunity for community with other parents working through this territory
  • Chance to email your questions, puzzlements or unique
    situation to Dr. Axness prior to call — she may zero in on yours!
  • Special guest practitioners, like Kathy White — to offer the rich & practical insights of “The Work” to circle members; and Sharon King, who will offer Matrix Birth Reimprinting

May 2, 9, 14, 23 and 30 ~ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

P4P Open Coaching Circle
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