A Pause to Savor My Blessings

I’ll be taking the week off from the social media fest we all know and love (and sometimes don’t love so much) — to enjoy some deeper presence with the fullness of my life’s blessings. My daughter Eve is in the air as I write this, returning from a 6-month expat artist’s adventure in Berlin. Dear friends here in my village are poised for some relaxed Thanksgiving enjoyment, and I’ll be cooking up a storm. (To me this is one of the great things about Thanksgiving: cooking is the only thing to do, as opposed to getting an entire day of work done and ALSO cooking. A day devoted to cooking…and eating — what could be better?!) My sister-in-law Anne is planning an excursion up to my mountain cottage for some post-Thanksgiving relaxation & leftovers.

I plan to spend time on the (good ol’-fashioned) phone over the next few days connecting with friends & family without the usual “tick-tock” time pressure that busy-life-as-usual tends to exert.

My wish for you is the opportunity to be present to YOUR blessings, with the gift of a lightened agenda. A pause in the typically daily To-Do roster. A nice, long thanks-giving breath.

Catch you on the flip side of thanks!



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