Will YOU Like Your Adult Child?

If I’ve been a bit incommunicado lately it’s because I’ve been busy reaping delicious fruits of parenting for peace: enjoying my adult children! Midnight rounds of “Wise & Otherwise,” updates on their interesting lives, great food & rich conversation around the dinner table —  holiday time to savor.


Greg, daughter Eve, Marcy-in-Non-Dr.-Mode, son Ian, and Kim


Ian & Eve just a few years earlier!

A few days after we had this gorgeous portrait snapped in the forest wilderness where I live, my son Ian posted to Facebook a photo of him and his sister in matching yellow raincoats from oh, about 18 years earlier.

It reminded me of the truth of what journalist Laura Sessions Stepp reported in Our Last Best Shot (a book about the influences during early adolescence — 10 to 15 — that are most strongly associated with psychosocial wellbeing and success):

The majority of adolescents do not turn into some unrecognizable
Jekyll and Hyde monster. They just become more of who they are.
If we liked them most of the time when they were three, four, and
five, chances are we’ll like them when they’re thirteen, fourteen,
and fifteen — most of the time.
Do you like your child most of the time? Do you like you and how you show up with your child most of the time? If you can truly, madly, deeply answer “Yes,” then you have set a great trajectory toward a shocking secret. (I’ll get to that in a moment.) {Read the rest at mothering.com}

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