One-on-One (Private) Coaching

Mom on Phone“More Peace, Please!” Coaching Session with Dr. Marcy

Do you wish you could be a more self-assured, effective, joyful parent? I am confident that even just a single session of Parenting for Peace coaching will bring about fruitful changes toward that goal. I’m here for you now!

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  • One hour of phone / Skype consultation
  • Audio recording for your reference


Dr. Marcy-On-Demand: “I’m Here When You Need Me”

Dr. Marcy Parenting CoachingHad a meltdown with your toddler this morning? Couldn’t get your school-aged child to tend to her homework last night? No sleep with your new infant?

Are you experiencing feelings you don’t understand? Wishing you felt less stressed and more calm & confident?

Wish you could pick up the phone and not only vent, but expect to get helpful insights and practical tools for bringing more joy to parenting…and peace to your home?


  • 3 hours to use as needed when those sudden, tough issues arise. You will receive priority scheduling consideration. (The 3 hrs. may be used over a maximum of 4, 45-min. calls)
  • Audio recordings for your reference (and believe me, this really helps!)