Lessons in Mothering a Daughter

An Intimate Chat with Dr. Marcy & Eve


A First-Time (and Possibly Never-to-Be-Repeated) Special Event!

***** ****** Eve&MamaSMJust before she went off to college…












An hour in conversation with Parenting for Peace author & parent coach Dr. Marcy Axness, together with her daughter Eve — 2 days after she turns 23.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we touch upon things like:

  • when an older child is afraid to sleep alone
  • navigating real-world issues like…the dentist office!
  • ways to protect her childhood in a prematurely grown-up world
  • how Waldorf education served (and did not serve) Eve
  • cultivating deep trust with your tween / teen daughter
  • the special joy awaiting you: mothering an adult daughter

But then again, I really don’t know quite what will transpire. It could be
magic and it could just be a coffee klatch! One thing’s for sure: we will dive
into stories, recollections, insights, struggles we’ve shared between then…

***** Marcy&EveEcstaticSM

and now!